Healthy Drinks for Kids – combat the sugar… and dehydration


Healthy Drinks for Kids – combat the sugar, and dehydration

There’s a lot in the press at the moment about the impact of sugary drinks on children. American studies estimate that consuming one can of soft drink per day could lead to a 6.75kg weight gain in one year (if these calories are added to a typical US diet and not offset by other reductions). It seems to be widely accepted in medical papers that sugary drinks are strongly linked to weight gain and the onset of metabolic diseases. It’s time, surprise surprise, to find alternative, healthy drinks for kids, and to direct them back to water.

But aside from the issues of WHAT we drink, there are also issues around HOW MUCH we drink (no, I don’t mean unit counting! I mean the simple issue of hydration!)

How many of us are aware of the effects of dehydration in children? There are the ones we can ‘feel’. Constipation, which at a young age is the herald of endless tummy aches and discomfort; fatigue and dizziness, especially in the heat; headaches, and cramping pains in limbs to name a few. But there are also the unseen effects, on growth and development.

Hydration – or the lack of it – is a serious issue.

A poster in our school canteen reads: “Water….the most essential nutrient, but often the most ignored.”

But it can be really tough getting kids to drink. Sometimes it’s a toss-up between hydration and health when faced with sweeter alternatives that children will more willingly consume. That’s a choice I sometimes resent. But like it or not, life these days is ‘sweeter’ (in the sugary sense) and getting kids to consume plain old water can be hard – especially, I’ve found, if they are fussy eaters who are keen on specific and limited tastes. So what are the options around healthy drinks for kids?

Well, recently we came across the lovely people at Water for Health…and just look what they have to offer! A healthy drink for kids that offers great hydration, and helps give nutrients to combat some of the concerns experienced by the parents of of fussy eaters.

You can read all about it in their fabulous guest blog below. This is something I will definitely be trying in my household! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Healthy drinks for kids: A clever way to get kids drinking more…by Water for Health!

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Super Kids Vibrance – A Healthy Drink for Kids, and a Tasty Treat at the same time! 

It can be hard work getting kids to hydrate with anything other than sugary drinks. Water doesn’t have much of a flavour, but to see some youngsters grimacing as they gulp down a glass, you’d think they’d been forced to swig straight whisky! Sadly, telling nippers about water’s beneficial properties does little to wean them off their favourite Fruit Shoot.

Introducing Super Kids Vibrance

kids hydration water dehydration supplments vitamins super kids vibrance healthy

What if you could encourage your son or daughter to drink more water, while at the same time providing them with a comprehensive array of nutrients? Super Kids Vibrance lets you do just that.  Formulated by renowned supplement specialist Vibrant Health, it helps assure the physical growth, maturation and neurological development of youngsters. And it’s a healthy drink for kids that will combat dehydration at the same time. 

Super Kids Vibrance is more than just a ‘protein shake’ for kids. It delivers 10g of valuable vegetable protein in every serving. In addition, it’s packed with vitamins, fruits, organic greens and key trace minerals to feed natural growth. ‘Wait a minute,’ you may be saying. ‘How will Super Kids Vibrance help my children drink more water?’ Because the powder is mixed with H20! It can also be blended with rice milk, almond milk or natural fruit juice. Delicious flavours include Cool Chocolate (yes, it tastes just like chocolate milk) and Awesome Apple.

The Nutritional Needs of Children

As we all know, our kids need different amounts of certain nutrients at different ages. They need these nutrients, as adults do, to provide energy. But because children are in a growth phase, it’s much more important to establish these good habits. Sadly, figures show that many children are not meeting their recommended daily allowance of five servings of fruit and vegetables. Some kids also fail to meet the guidelines for vitamin A, which plays a vital role in vision and bone growth and helps protect young bodies from infections.

Super Kids Vibrance addresses these shortfalls. A full complement of micronutrients is provided in every scoop, including:

  • 9 billion friendly probiotics from 9 strains
  • Essential trace minerals from the sea to regulate blood sugar and fat metabolism
  • Vitamin B12 to facilitate full nerve and brain development
  • D3 (the ‘Sunshine Vitamin’) to help develop healthy skeletons and immune systems
  • Vitamin A (from beta carotene) to promote cell health, bone growth and vision
  • Lecithin to protect nerves and brain tissue 


Healthy drinks for kids

Recommended for kids between the ages of 2 and 12, Super Kids Vibrance is dairy-free, low in sugar (2.4g) and, thanks to the inclusion of the enzyme Alpha galactosidase, easy to digest!


Whether your child is a fussy eater, thereby compromising your ability to give them the nutrients they need, or you just want to ensure they get a generous helping of vegetables, fruit and muscle-building protein, Super Kids Vibrance is a great – and great-tasting – choice. It’s no wonder it won a 2016 Taste for Life Essentials Award.


Kids can enjoy Super Kids Vibrance in the morning or afternoon. You can use it to reward good behaviour or make it a staple of your child’s diet. You could also make a Cool Chocolate or Awesome Apple shake one of the coveted prizes while playing the Gotrovo Mealtime Treasure Hunt.


Every kid deserves to be vibrant, and with Super Kids Vibrance, you’ll give your little darlings a healthy drink they’re sure to love.


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kids hydration water dehydration supplments vitamins super kids vibrance healthy water for health

About the author: This guest blog was provided by Water for Health, a family-run hydration and natural health supplement store in Central Scotland. Since 2007, Water for Health have provided many happy customers with detox supplements, fish oils, green superfood powders and alkaline water filters, among other products. Their continued aim is to encourage people to make informed choices that will enhance their wellbeing.

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